Ryan Antooa


A copywriter, photographer, and graphic designer based in Waterloo, Ontario, who is obsessed with shooting portraits. 📍📸


Influences —

Virgil Abloh
Takashi Murakami
Frank Ocean
Vanessa Beecroft
Stefan Sagmeïster
Petra Collins

Richard Avedon
Nik MacMillan


Loves —

Sufjan Stevens
Weekends & Co.
Kanye West

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My journey as a photographer has been percolating from the moment my father handed me a Yashika 35mm film camera as a child. I’ve been shooting portraits ever since.

People are what drive me wild. The moments of genuine connection built between myself and each subject is more important to me than anything else, because the images captured reflect the story we create together.

My story as a photographer, graphic designer, and creative director is still unfolding and I would love for you to be a part of it if you're reading this.

Photography is a creative haven where I am able to explore the complex relationships between design, light, and off-tones when capturing the fleeting moments of genuine humanity among subjects.

Psst! Here’s a link to my creative agency:  NDO .

Psst! Here’s a link to my creative agency: NDO.

My work is inspired by a variety of influences – contemporary and ancient – and above all, I am here to provide a unique vantage point on human expression through my work.

I’m über easy to get a hold of, I run this wicked podcast on creative entrepreneurs, and I love coffee. ☕️

And I’d love to meet you.

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