Ryan Antooa


Ryan Antooa is a creative director, photographer, and designer based in Guelph, Ontario. 📍


His father handed him a 35 mm Yashika film camera as a child and he's been shooting ever since. 👨‍👦



Influences —

Virgil Abloh
Takashi Murakami
Frank Ocean
Vanessa Beecroft
Stefan Sagmeïster
Petra Collins

Richard Avedon
Nik MacMillan


Loves —

Sufjan Stevens
Weekends & Co.
Kanye West

Photography is my process of scratching away at the cerebral and intangible for ideas to bring to reality – frame by frame.


"I am smiling."

(Let's go shoot)

Ryan's journey as a photographer has been developing from the moment his father handed him that film camera, to working in a camera store in his early 20's, to being a street photographer in Vancouver, BC, to his present day as a creative portrait photographer.

His story as a creator is still unfolding and he would love for you to be a part of it, if you're reading this.

I loved working with Ryan.
— Everyone

For him, photography is a creative haven where he is able to explore the complex relationships between design, light, and off-tones when capturing the fleeting moments of genuine humanity among subjects.

Psst! Here’s a link to my creative agency: NDO.

Psst! Here’s a link to my creative agency: NDO.

His work is inspired by the influences and loves mentioned above and aims to provide a unique perspective on human expression through his work. He also hates writing in third-person, so this About section is agony for...him. 🤷🏽‍♂️

He's über easy to get a hold of, he runs this wicked podcast on creative entrepreneurs, and he takes his coffee black.

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