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Congrats! You Just Did Something Great. #RyanDoesGood

Look at that – you clicked through on that link in the ad and now you’re here. You just stumbled upon something fantastic, albeit a little confusing – let me clear things up here.


Note: I’m not selling anything. I don’t want anything from you. TL;DR I’m donating increments of my time to help you with whatever you need: 100% of whatever you donate for said time is sent to the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

The #RyanDoesGood initiative is a purely altruistic initiative: all I’m doing is giving my time and providing you value at scale. Here’s the story the whole thing:

The Auction

It was a hot summer to say the least – especially the day that photographer/stellar human being Julia Busato reached out to me about a charity event she was holding.

On behalf of the 519 Adventurers, her and her pal Angela wanted to travel and volunteer their time through the Isaiah Projects, helping children and families in Peru in need. To fundraise for their trip, Julia and Angela had an auction here in Guelph, Ontario at The Common, where proceeds of sales from local artists and merchants would go towards the trip.


It was fun.

And raised a ton of money.

Julia reached out to me to see if I had any merchandise available to auction off at the event on behalf of my creative agency, NDO; at the time I didn’t have any. I still wanted to be a part of the event and help fundraise, so I was pondering what I could auction off to help raise funds…and then it hit me:

My time.

So, I told Julia I’d auction off a full 24 hours of my time, and patrons of the event could bid on that: For 24 hours, I would do whatever you wanted (in a legal, non-creepy way). I’d cook for you, I’d babysit, I’d help you move furniture, train with you, give you free strategy and branding advice on behalf of my company – anything for 24 hours.


A hell of a story


Julia loved the idea and almost instantly said yes.

So, the auction happens, and then at the end of the night – yours truly gets put up for bidding. Now, I assumed there might be one or two people that bid, but the numbers were up and I was baffled.

Army of Sass Guelph ended up winning the bid once they found out I was a dancer, and as a part of that 24 hours, they ended up casting me in their Christmas Performance as Santa, which was all kinds of fun. The auction was a success and I’m thrilled the money went to a good cause.

Army of Sass Guelph

Fast forward to present day: I’m moving to Waterloo and ended up selling some of the furniture/housewares I didn’t need anymore on Facebook Marketplace. While selling things like paintings, plants, and chairs, I met some of the most interesting people you could possibly imagine who just happened to be perusing the Marketplace: Riley Hildebrandt who heads Glassbox Barbershop in Hamilton (a beautiful shop complete with an MK II arcade machine) and Tony Fortunado, who is essentially the “Jack Reacher” of network and IT problems.

After a few encounters, I had a eureka moment: Why don’t I just repeat what happened at the auction, all the time, for people who needed help in their daily lives?


So, here’s the idea: For 2, 4, 6, or 12 hours, I will do whatever you want* and help you with whatever you want – and 100% of the proceeds of your donations (I mean all of it – 100%) will go towards the SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

At the end of the year, I’ll write a cheque with all of the proceeds from the #RyanDoesGood initiative and it’ll go to the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto; I lived in Vancouver for a few years and volunteered at the Sick Kids Hospital there; the cause is near and dear to my heart.

*Whatever you want within legal reason (no bank robberies). Also, I reserve the right to turn down really weird requests (don’t be that person).


A day of fingerpainting at BC Children’s Hospital (faces make great canvases).

Again, I personally make Ø off this. Zero dollars. All the proceeds go towards the Sick Kids Foundation. I’m giving my time so I can give back to a cause. #RyanDoesGood

Potential things I can do for you:

  • Cook meals (I f*cking love cooking)

  • Pet Sit/House Sit (I love animals and uh, houses)

  • Help you grow your business (I run a creative agency called NDO – we help build brand identities like yours)

  • Train with you (I was a gymnast, powerlifter, and am still a dancer. I live for movement)

  • Groceries/Nutrition Planning (I have an Hon. B.Sc. in Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Sciences)

  • Portrait Shoot (For your new LinkedIn or, uh, Tinder profile picture)

  • Be your +1 to that thing your boss invited you to

  • Career coaching/advice (I’ve had more jobs than anyone in my life and finally found what I love – you can too).

  • + More

*Suggested* Donations

  1. 2 Hours: $50+

  2. 4 Hours: $100 - 150

  3. 6 Hours: $150 - 200

  4. 12 Hours: $200+

(Again, these are just suggestions – I respect your circumstances and hope you respect my time accordingly with whatever you deem fit, which is all going towards the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto anyways. Think of kids in need, not me).

Let’s Do Something Great

Whatever you decide, I’m here to help you and provide to a great cause which does wonders for kids in need. I’ve personally worked with the families and children at Sick Kids and can tell you it’s a cause worth donating to, and then some.

If you need help with something in 2019 and more importantly want to make an impact (along with having a hell of a story to tell to your friends and family about that Facebook Marketplace ad you clicked on), let’s talk. I’m excited to do good for a good cause.


Ryan Antooa

P.S. I’m easy to get a hold of. Feel free to follow the journey along on my Instagram where I’ll post stories/content with the hashtag #RyanDoesGood, or fill out the form below with any inquiries or requests you have! Looking forward to connecting with you. :)


Let’s Do Good. 👇🏽

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